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Shampoo Is Ruining Your Hair

Here's what you can do to stop shampoo in its tracks, reverse the vicious cycle of damage and discover how truly amazing your hair can be with New Wash!

Lather, rinse, repeat. It's been engrained in our heads since we were young. Bubbles and lather are the only effective way to clean, right? Wrong.

Detergents found in shampoo are some of the same ingredients found in in laundry soap, dish soap and car washing detergent.

When you use shampoo the cuticle, which is the protective layer of the hair shaft (like shingles on a house) is blown open. Shampoo raises the PH level and the hair feels rough and dry. Detergent is why you are then forced to use conditioner, filled with synthetic ingredients and silicones to merely mask the damage, bring the PH back down and make it 'feel' better. You'll know just what I mean if you have ever felt your hair after shampoo, or have forgotten conditioner.

The Dirt On Detergent

Shampoo, all of them from $2 to $100 are all just detergents. They are all doing the same damage to the hair, some just take a little more time to do so. The most common detergents are SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) and ammonium laureth sulfate. Glucosides are also extremely popular with the rise of sulfate free shampoo, but glucosides are still detergents they are just derived from sugar. The bottles may say sulfate-free and claim they are natural but they all still contain a detergent that creates lather and ultimately causes damage to the hair.

Detergents are made of up very strong amphiphilic substances that attach to water and oil and when you rinse everything goes down with it, even the things that need to stick around like that precious oil barrier that our bodies naturally produce. It is necessary to keep around to protect our hair and scalp from the sun's damaging UV rays and environmental pollutants. When the moisture barrier is constantly being stripped away the scalp goes into defence mode and pumps out more oil to replenish what is being taken away.

It's the reason why many people feel they have an oily scalp and dry ends. Makes sense now, doesn't it? It's a vicious cycle and one you can most definitely break free from.

New Wash isn't a Co-Wash or a Cleansing Conditioner, which is when you wash your hair with conditioner, or a conditioner containing detergent. Co-Washing and Cleansing Conditioners don't clean the hair properly and over time you'll end up with a serious build up of silicone on your hair.

New Hair Here

New Wash cleans the hair without opening the cuticle and changing the natural PH balance of your hair and scalp. (Which sits between 4.5 - 5.5)

New Wash is also made of amphiphilic substances but these molecules are far more gentle than the ones found in detergent. They attach to anything oily, but they have a weaker attraction to water. These molecules are strong enough to wash away excess oil and impurities but the weaker bond to water allows the natural moisture barrier to stay put. The New Wash molecules that are left behind are highly moisturizing and hair is left feeling clean and exceptionally soft without the need for conditioner!

You won't be stripping your hair with detergent every time you wash so you don't need to replace the moisture with a second step and third step like conditioner and masks.

It is a one bottle wonder!

The substances in New Wash that clean are the very same ones that condition! Totally life changing! It's oil cleansing for your hair with active ingredients; Aloe Vera, Peppermint Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Evening Primrose Oil and naturally derived saturated fatty cleansers.

New Wash actually cleans while it moisturizes. Treating hair like the delicate fabric it is and returning it to its optimal healthy state. New Wash keeps the natural moisture barrier intact and protects the investment you make in your hair colour, redefining the term colour safe. The cuticle is left closed, the cortex is protected and colour stays where it should!

Colouring and highlighting the hair can be damaging processes to the delicate hair strands. When you use shampoo you further aggravate it and cause weakness, breakage and frizz.

New Wash doesn't over clean, cause frizz or irritate the skin. Many people who struggle with dry scalp, sensitive scalp, eczema and psoriasis see massive improvements in their skin after ditching the suds and switching to New Wash.

New wash = new


The experience of using New Wash is NEW! You'll be required to develop new washing techniques to have the best success. New Wash is a rich luxurious cream, so combing to evenly distribute throughout your stands is ideal! You'll need to incorporate more massaging to ensure you are cleaning your scalp (the Hairstory Brush is a dream for this!), more rinsing and skipping conditioner entirely. If you want an extra clean feeling during your transition from shampoo to New Wash, or if you've gone a week with out washing, try a double wash! Apply, scrub, rinse a second time!

It spreads so nicely through the hair but because it is detergent-free there is no lather, which for some people can take some getting used to. Once you grasp that the suds weren't doing anything good for your hair to begin with and you experience how amazing your new hair is, suds are so easy to let go of!

When I discovered Hairstory's New Wash for myself in January of 2017, I was on the hunt for something to save my detergent ravaged hair. I was 4 months post-partum and beginning to experience the hair loss that comes from that hormonal shift. My hair was feeling awful and terribly dry when I stumbled upon Hairstory by complete accident online. When I received my first bottle, I fell in love after the first wash. I cleared out all my old hair products, in the bathroom shower, from the product graveyard under the sink and all my styling products from synthetic oils to leave-in conditioners which I kept in a trolley (YES, A TROLLEY) in the bedroom. I sold the trolley and switched to my minimalistic hair routine and have never looked back!

Foam Freedom For All!

New Wash is amazing for babies and kids! Because it is detergent free, it is naturally tear free! I started using it on both our kids. We definitely enjoy the tangle-free brushing through our daughters hair after every bath and I taught my son how to properly wash his own hair with New Wash. My husband followed suit shortly after and I am loving the simplicity of us all being able to use the same incredible product in the shower and we really enjoy the uncluttered shelves.

Within a couple weeks, I followed the same idea in my then newly opened salon studio and have been a shampoo-free salon ever since! I have been changing the way my clients feel about their hair and improving their beauty routines with New Wash since February of 2017! It truly shakes up everything you thought you knew about hair-care, for the better!

Some of the key benefits my clients and I have noticed:

  • Going up to 7 days between washes!

  • Hair is no longer dry on the ends!

  • Scalp Eczema has cleared up!

  • Having to only pack one thing when traveling!

  • No more static!

  • Quick dry time! (This is due to the low PH level and the cuticle remaining closed during washing) No added product is needed to speed up dry time. It's just a natural benefit of New Wash!

  • No more tangles!

  • The cure for cradle cap!

My personal hair-care routine mainly consists of 4 products now. My must haves are New Wash Rich for cleansing, Dressed up for heat protection and style longevity, Powder for volume and oil absorption (so I can go up to a week without washing) and Undressed for texture. I wash my hair on average every 6 days and brush it regularly to work the natural oils down my hair shaft.

Photo courtesy of Hairstory Studio

Join the club!

Once you start New Wash you and your hair will fall in love! Hairstory offers a subscription option called Fan Club for when that happens. You receive a beautiful aluminum bottle, a travel bottle and receive pouches of New Wash to refill your bottles as often as you decide you need them. Reducing the waste of single-use plastic bottles. Joining the Club earns you free shipping on every refill and $1 off per oz.

All first time online orders receive 20%!

Check it out here!

There is a New Wash for everyone!

Deep - Deeper cleansing for oily hair! With Apple Cider vinegar and argan oil.

Original - The OG New Wash! Just right for most people beginning their shampoo-free journey!

Rich - Highly moisturizing for dry, thick, curly and thirsty hair! More moisture than OG but rinses so clean with no extra heaviness left behind.

Take the quiz here to discover which New Wash is right for you! Say good-bye to bad hair days and hello to happy hair! Rewrite your own hair story!

All New Wash forumulas are certified inherently biodegradable! They can go down the drain and into waterways with damaging delicate ecosystems.

Hairstory is a contributing company to 1% For The Planet. Hairstory has committed to donating 1% of all sales of New Wash bottles to water-focused, non-profit organizations.

Every quarter Hairstory reaches out to hairdressers, clients who have purchased Hairstory online and those who are a part of Fan Club to participate in a vote to decide where to alocate the donations! Check out the candidates for the first quarter of 2019 and cast your vote here!

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