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Hi, I'm Kara!


cancer sun

capricorn moon

passions: healthy hair, music, natures cycles, astrology, stargazing, reading tarot + saying no to shampoo 

specialties: working one on one with others, creating lived in colour, hair painting, lunar haircutting and crafting custom treatments to heal the hair 


I offer an intimate studio space, and provide a relaxing experience away from common distractions found in most hair salons. I do not service other clients within your appointment. My focus is only on your visit.


My goal is for you to enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating experience that will have you feeling like the very best version of yourself!

When I am in the studio with you, I am truly in my element.

I offer energy healing and spiritual guidance through card readings, along side my deep rooted passion for healthy hair.

I'm here to guide you in creating a more meaningful connection to your hair and yourself. 
It's not just a hair appointment, it is an invitation to heal.


when i am not in the studio...

you'll find me at home with my family or singing in the car,

crafting meals in the kitchen, crushing up herbs, reading, gardening, feeding the birds, asking my husband to build things out of wood and connecting with my tiny humans. 

I can often be found soaking in the sun or gazing at the moon and I always have a song stuck in my head.

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