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a  holistic  haircare  experience

free your hair
relax your mind

I am a holstic hairstylist, located in Moose Jaw, SK.
I believe beauty first begins with the loving rela
tionship we have with ourselves, allowing hair care to become an expression of self care.

I love offering you a holistic hair care experience. I believe in the power of energy work, relaxing hair treatments and clean, non-toxic products. Giving you a unique experience in a relaxed and private studio setting.
I am here to help you cultivate a loving relationship with your hair + yourself.


lived in hair colour specialist

lunar hair cutting  

reiki Practitioner 

Intuitive tarot reader

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your hair, at it's very best 

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lunar hair care

One of the most beautiful self care practices you can do for yourself is connecting with the natural flow of the lunar cycle.

There are peek times during each lunar cycle where we can harness the energy and cut hair to encourage growth, slow down growth and release stagnant energy

There are also key times to perform detoxes and healing treatments.


are you looking to start a new cycle with your hair? It's time to create your custom lunar haircare plan!

Image by Guillaume Bleyer
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