and healing

let your soul shine 

hair painting and highlighting

Express Balayage 90+ 

Balayage/Highlights 140+

Transformation Blonding 250+


Base Retouch/Root Smudge 70+


All over colour 120+


Gloss Refresh 60+

IMG_3774 (1).jpg
Image by Gian Cescon

 treatments and detoxes

Wellness Detox $15

Crystal Gel Deep Detox $20

Deep Conditioning Treatment  $10

Keratin Healing Oil Treatment $ 25

Olaplex Treatment $25

if booking a stand alone treatment you must also book a wash & style +$40

and styling

Haircut & Iron Style $55

Short Cut & Style $40

Wash & Style $40

Style Support Lesson $60

Wet Hair_edited.jpg

hydro dhara treatment  


Hydro-dhara means ‘constant flow of water’.

These plant-active waters flow over the head and through the hair, relieving the hair and scalp of tension and stress by indirectly stimulating the pituitary gland – our centre of health and well-being.

Relax and regenerate with the Flowerfall treatment. A sensory treatment using biodynamic-organic hydrolates of lavender, rosemary ,rose and a customized essential oil infusion.

Wrap your hair, scalp, and mind in a holistic aromatheraputic experience like nothing you've ever experienced before.


add on treatment $35

treatment & style $70

treatment, haircut + style $95

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Customized lunar haircare plan

Combining information from your personal natal chart and the lunar cycle,  I will create a customized lunar calendar for your hair and the intentions you have for it.
This service includes your first Lunar Haircut.



reiki, readings and rituals

My mission is to help you connect deeper to yourself and your inner power.
Through a variety of alternative treatments and healing approaches, I unlock the potential of self-healing in each guest, sometimes resulting in improvements from the very first session. I want you to leave feeling relaxed and  confident in your self. 


Reiki Energy Healing is a Japanese technique used for stress reduction, relaxation and healing the emotional and spiritual self. It clears the mind, reduces anxiety and improves focus.
Reiki accelerates your body's natural self healing abilities, supports your physical healing process, aids in spiritual growth and emotional cleansing by dissolving energy blocks.

Crown Reiki Session 20
Full Reiki Healing Session 66
Image by Edz Norton


Tarot and Oracle Cards are powerful tools for self discovery and manifestation. The cards can assist you in gaining insight from your higher self and your guides.

Cards work off of your personal energy and will always deliver the messages you need at that specific time. 

It’s like holding up a mirror to yourself so that you can access your subconscious mind. Card divination allows us to tap into the wisdom and the answers that live in us all. 

Seeking Answers - 33

Insight for when you have a specific question or situation you are seeking guidance on 

Life Path Reading - 44

Actionable steps for when you are needing guidance in finding your life's direction and the gifts you're meant to share

Seasonal Soul - 33

For when you want to work with the energy of the current season to best benefit your life path

Personal Year Reading - 44

Using numerology we identify  your personal year and the  vibration you are currently in. We dive into what you can expect during your personal year and gain insight on how to best travel through it 


spend some time connecting to yourself - & your physical, emotional and spiritual health

Healing Haircut 

(2 Hours)


Reiki Energy Healing 

Tarot Card Reading

Haircut & Style





(2.5 Hours)



Flowerfall Hydro-Dhara Treatment

Wash + Scalp Massage

Haircut & Style 

Card Reading

Image by Taisiia Stupak
Reiki Treatment

Sacred Detox

(2.5 Hours)


Reiki Energy Healing

Crystal Gel Detox Treatment

Wash + Scalp Massage

Haircut + Style

Card Reading

Shine On

(3 Hours)


Reiki Energy Healing

Express Balayage

Gloss Refresh

Wash + Scalp Massage

Haircut & Style

Card Reading